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Democratic Design Patterns

Design Patterns and Many Languages

Way back in 2001, Mark Winstanley and I wrote a book, Server-side Flash: scripts, databases, and dynamic development. I ended up writing code for PERL, ASP and PHP all integrated with Flash through ActionScript. At that time, PHP and ActionScript were relatively young. PHP 4.0 had just been introduced the year before and ActionScript was still ActionScript with no number. However, Flash 5 set ActionScript free from an early version that was tied into the original IDE and life was good.

In any event, I discovered PHP and MySQL and have been a fan ever since. I’d really like to write a mobile app in ActionScript that uses PHP and MySQL, and someday I may. However, some of you may have noticed that I’ve not been very active on this blog. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t been active on any blog since about last June because I’ve been working on a new design pattern book with O’Reilly, Learning PHP Design Patterns. The book is nearing completion (the first draft is done), and O’Reilly has an Early Release available if any of you want to add your comments prior to the final version.

A while back I had started a PHP Design Pattern Blog and I found that while there were differences in the way I had to write the patterns because PHP does not have strongly typed code (no data-typing required or allowed). Most of the patterns could be transferred from those Chandima and I have done in ActionScript 3.0. Of course I had to use new examples and ones that were aligned with how PHP is implemented, but the general idea of design patterns was easily transferable. (A major regret of this new design pattern book is that Chandima was unable to co-author it with me because of his time constraints.) Originally, Chandima and I had to work out how ActionScript 3.0 code could replace SmallTalk and C++ used in the original Gang of Four design pattern book, but moving from ActionScript 3.0 to PHP 5 turned to be far easier than expected.

So if you use design patterns in ActionScript 3.0, you might be interested in how they can be used with PHP. I plan to continue to develop games using ActionScript 3.0, Design Patterns and Starling as well as mobile apps. With PHP (with the help of design patterns and jQuery Mobile), I’ve been working on “all weather” Web pages that can be dynamically changed from desktop views to mobile views. My very favorite will be incorporating both ActionScript 3.0+ and PHP 5+ into design patterns developed interactive applications.

Let’s hear from you about this topic!

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